what the freak kill me with your eyebrows my heart cannot take this 

“Ultimately, love is an odd amalgamation of androgens, estrogens, dopamine, norepinephrine, and slow jams.”

might as well kill me goodbye 

The Makioka Sisters, written by the well-know Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki (谷崎潤一郎), is a 1948 novel and has been called “the greatest cosmopolitan novel since the Meiji Restoration*. In the design of the exclusive authorized Traditional Chinese edition, the calligraphic title accompanied snowy background taken in real snow scene elegantly reveals the mood of the Japanese title. In addition, the manipulation of light/dark colors on the two volumes implies the decline of the Makiokas’ family’s wealthy life in the story.

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how can dreaming of you feel so real? it is the best and also the worst and i want to die. why are you so far from where i am at and when will i understand that maybe, just maybe this unusual set of circumstances might actually hold no purpose? 


The title of the work is identical to a series of photographs by Huseyin shot in Odessa, showing curtains blowing in the wind. These images inspired an installation of hardened lace curtains, frozen in time and space. The work refers to the gesture of opening the windows to set free the soul of the deceased, as well as the idea of a spirit present in a room, mysteriously lifting the curtains to reveal its presence.

Gabriel Lester,Melancholia in Arcadia (2011)

All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox. 
Rabo Art Collection

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Sophie Turner for Singapore’s Nylon Magazine (July 2014)

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How is this:


the same human being as this:




someone please i do not understand explain this to me


the fact that lee pace can play him

and him

and him

continues to boggle my mind daily.