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i said i was self-sufficient, i guess i am but maybe not as much as i thought i was. i think this might be the one of the loneliest periods ever in my life

once, i was so certain that the universe will fall into place, perhaps take pity on me, finally give me what i want. now, i am almost certain it will never occur. guess i am coming to terms with myself, it took me long enough. maybe tmr when I wake up I’ll give myself enough reasons, but tonight, right now, I see how daft and absolutely deluded I am. this is me throwing my arms up in defeat, this is me giving in to the universe.

I still do, I think I do.

If you think of someone often enough, you’ll see them eventually. Too bad I only see you in my dreams.

god must’ve thought this would be fun, to have moulded me this way and you the other. Literally every single thing you have a different set of ideas from me and it’s not because I’m fucking rebellious as you FUCKING THINK FUCK YOUR WOODEN STUBBORN MINDSET AND FUCKING TRUST ISSUES FUCK YOU I’m not a fucking child anymore and don’t you FUCKING dare say i did not try because I fucking did and you don’t respect me and all of you all of you are the same you are all so fucking stubborn and obstinate and you have no fucking opinions I thought you were my only friend in this house but guess I only have myself to rely on


Luca Perrin

A small sampling of the work you will find on Luca’s tumblr. Luca is a photography student at the School of Applied Arts in Vevey, Switzerland. One of his favorite subjects is architecture and landscape, all I can tell him is keep up the great work and share more of it, not only the final polished images but the experiments and half completed ideas, they will open the door to other directions in your work!

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